Evaluating the Management Team

Evaluating the Management Team


  • The management team is absolutely critical to the success of the company. A great team knows how to pivot and structure internal systems. A bad team can take a great idea and squander it.
  • LinkedIn is your best friend
    • Look at their past experience and what they say about it
    • Research the companies that they were at
      • Are they in the same industry?
      • Is it a similar product? Do you think that experience will be transferable?
      • Was the company around the same age as the current company?
      • Whatever we need them to do with this fundraise, have they done that before?
    • Bottom line, it's not good enough if they have great logos or great sounding positions. You have to dig into the exact kind of work that they did and how that translates into their current venture.
"However, averaged out, betting on the quality of a business is better than betting on the quality of management. In other words, if you have to choose one, bet on the business momentum, not the brilliance of the manager. But, very rarely, you find a manager who's so good that you're wise to follow him into what looks like a mediocre business."
Charlie Munger
Charlie Munger

Tips & Tricks

  • Practical "how-to's"
  • Glassdoor
    • This is great for seeing what employees think about the culture
    • This is often where you'll find red flags about how the company actually works
      • View negative reviews for what they are. Most satisfied people don't write reviews. Pick out what is most important.


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