Cold Email Templates

Generic Template at a Firm

Hi [Insert name],

I hope this note finds you well. My name is [insert name] and I help drive [speciality] investing at [firm], a [describe firm and AUM]. We’ve been lucky enough to partner with industry-leading companies across a variety of industries, including [describe portfolio].

We have been spending time in the space recently and [describe experience in the space and interest in the company.]

I would love the opportunity to introduce our team/firm, share what we're hearing in the marketplace, and learn more about [company name]. Even if you are not interested in growth capital, I hope there are other ways we can be helpful (acquisition ideas / financing, portfolio company intros, recap for founders / any other previous investors, etc.).

Let me know what time might be most convenient for you. Looking forward to it.


[Your name]

Template When You Don't Have a Firm

Hi [insert name],

I hope you're doing well. My name is [insert name] and I've been fascinated by the [relevant industry] space for a long time and have been following [insert company name] really closely. I've been really impressed by [list relevant data points and compliments.]

I recognize this is out of the ordinary, but I would love the opportunity to learn more about your business. I'm a student of the space and what you're building and anything I could do to be helpful, I would love the experience of learning more closely about your organization

[List options of ideas: helping with marketing, headhunting, data entry, research]

My goal is to do anything I can to work closely with organizations that I'm passionate about and yours is at the top of the list. Any thoughts you have to how I might be useful to you and be a very small part of the [insert company name] story, I would love the opportunity.


[Your name]

Other Templates