Deep Dives: Other Resources

Tip on Market Maps
If you’re interested in venture / PE a good way to stay informed is to read things like Fortune Term Sheet and Axios Pro Rata to hear about what deals are getting done and pay attention to the types of companies that are getting funded or bought.
You might hear about a company like RVShare. And you may or may not think that’s interesting
But pay attention to market trend data that sometimes gets shared. For example, “RV Shipments are up 17.3% compared to last year.” That’s a trend that is worth diving deep on
The “investable outcome” might be to invest in a company like RVshare. It might be to buy existing RV parks or to buy land and then develop it into RV parks. It might be to launch an app that helps you find good RV destinations. It might be to invest in a company that sells software to RV retailers. The investment ideas and the trend are obviously related but one doesn’t automatically determine the other.