Thinking About Informational Interviews

Why would a student reach out to an investing professional for an informational interview?

  • Student is interested in working at that firm
    • They are trying to win someone over (prep for an interview)
      • They ask questions that are mostly designed to impress
    • They are trying to figure out if they want to work at the firm
      • If the firm does the kind of investing they like
      • If the firm has good development opportunities
      • Fund structure
  • Student is trying to learn more about investing
  • Student wants to connect to someone that the professional is connected to
  • Student might be interested in raising or finding a deal
  • Student is trying to learn more about the daily life of that investor at that particular firm
  • The professional has done something very similar to what the student wants to do
  • Could be for a class

"Frankly, after the first one or two, you learn the great majority of what you need to know about the industry and the job without actually working it. After a certain point, I only did them to prove to full time people that I was intelligent enough to work there and for them to remember my name and face"

Not trying to replace the interview, but get all the shallow stuff out of the way. 20 MIN VC gets at general background, but then also does special stuff. We should make a Calendly with all the people.