The Why and How of Wanting To Be a VC: a Thread of Threads

The Why and How of Wanting To Be a VC: a Thread of Threads

There are a lot of answers to the question "why" you want to pursue a particular profession, and ultimately only one person who can answer that question.

There is a more spiritual why that we cover in

and then there is often a more logistical why in terms of money, lifestyle, variety, and on and on.

Instead of pouring over the same different subsets of ideas, this story is better told by exploring different twitter threads and responses that go into this topic. First there is the "why" of being a VC, and then there is a whole lot more "how," in terms of strategies people would use to break into investing.

Amy Cheetham @ Costona Ventures

Nikhil Krishnan, a healthcare investor

Geoff Lewis @ Bedrock

Ross Fubini

Leo Polovets @ Susa Ventures

Sar Haribhakti

Fantasy Investing re: Turner Novak

And more of Turner's strategy here:

Allison Barr Allen on getting rejected

Steven Schlafman

Blake Robbins @ Ludlow Ventures

Erik Torenberg
Erik Torenberg
@ Village Global

Crawl through a window

Finding resources