Learning Opportunities for Aspiring Investors

What is this?

The science of investing you can learn online. The art of investing requires reps and having conversations. In this wiki, we've provided links to programs that allow you to get some of both. Even without a VC scout/fellowship title on your resume, investing is something you can do on your own. VC prioritizes and rewards being proactive!

Kauffman Fellowship

Score3 VC Fellowship

Undercover VC Student Fellowship

VamosVentures’ 2021 Scout program

Civilization Ventures Spring 2021 Fellowship

NASDAQ Ventures Spring 2021 Internship

Costanoa Ventures Access 2021 Fellowship

Rocana Ventures Analyst Internship

Blue Cross Blue Shield VC MBA Internship

Connecticut Innovations VC Summer 2021 Internship

Lerer Hippeau Summer 2021 Associate

Emerging Venture Capitalists Association (EVCA) Fellow

IDEA Fund Partners Venture Fellow

Starburst Aerospace Venture Analyst Intern

Atomic Labs Summer 2021 Fellowship

American Family Insurance VC Student Internship

JourneyOne Ventures VC Fellowship

645 Ventures’ Investment Fellowship

GGV Capital’s NextGen Fellowship

Laconia’s Spring + Summer Internships

New Stack Ventures Spring Fellowship

Slavin Family Foundation Fellowship

Somewhere Good SHIFT Fellowship

Anthos Capital VC Analyst Internship

Harlem Capital Winter 2020 Internship

Kiva Fellowship (Impact Investing)