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Investors To Know

Investors To Know

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Investors To KnowInvestors To Know

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Live The Library: Studying Other Investors

"I merely sought to learn from my betters a few practical mental tricks that would help me avoid some of the worst miscognitions common in my age cohort, and to pass on my mental tricks only to a few people who could easily learn from me because they already almost knew what I was telling them." Charlie MungerCharlie Munger

There is no definitive list of the world's greatest investors because different people have been successful in very different industries while investing through drastically different strategies. Instead of saying "who is the greatest investor of all time?" the question should be focused on "who are some of the investors I can learn the most from?

You should study the people who have come before you, both their triumphs and their failures. This isn't about who you should be copying. This is an opportunity to reflect on the investments, character, and experiences of these people and use those to replicate successes, avoid mistakes, educate your own mental model of how to be an investor, and increase your rate of success.

The list is long and growing, in both number and diversity, as an opportunity for you to get more exposure to a range of ideas and backgrounds.


These are investors who are widely known throughout the industry and have a long track record of success. These are people you're likely to see in your textbooks and the press. These are successful investors and are building a meaningful reputation as thoughtful leaders in their firms, or as teachers on their own creating stellar track records.

1️⃣List of Leaders


These are investors early in their career, or early in their strategies (creating new firms or helping build new things within existing organizations.)

2️⃣List of Up-and-Coming Investors

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