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  • Interview Process
    • Technical questions and how to prepare
      • A lot are based off formulas that you have to memorize or get a sense of answers these investors want to hear
      • The WHY behind certain formulas and how to think about it on a level that you actually understand what that thing is
      • E.g. calculating market value, are you looking at shares outstanding or the shares that haven't been exercised yet?
      • When you memorize a formula you get blinded by nuances
    • Sample questions of different questions; maybe what specific firms ask?
    • Retired interview questions?
    • Conversational Case Studies
      • Very different and difficult to practice
      • Requires a lot of preparation
      • Examples of deliverables
  • How does your personality style change across firms?
    • Even with specific interviewers it can be very different
    • How do you read the firm? How do you read the interviewer?
    • Do you expect different jargon in different roles?
    • How to ask questions in informational interviews to drive at the culture of a firm and how you appeal to those preferences?
  • Networking
    • Build relationships before you need a job
    • Add value before anything
  • Smaller firms are very exclusive
    • Getting access to opportunities and hearing about them in the first place?
    • Linkedin shadow economy jobs that never make it to postings; find that post
  • Personal Branding