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What is this?

  • What do we mean by "private equity"?
    • How PE is different from public markets and venture capital
    • Examples of private equity
      • Companies and the types of deals they do
    • How PE makes money
      • Go through the math of how PE is different (fewer losses, bigger checks, etc.)
  • What skills are required for private equity?
  • Cases
    • LBO

[Explain, include history of the asset class and how it's evolved]

The Investing VehicleThe Investing Vehicle

[Explain] (reference to fund structure part of wiki)

Summary Learning: The Investment MemoSummary Learning: The Investment Memo


A Day In The Life


Articles about what it's actually like to work in various positions in the industry. Everything from work-life balance to compensation to typical schedule.

Investing CurriculumInvesting Curriculum

Cover specific skills to this asset class

LBO - Leveraged Buyout

You need to be familiar with what an LBO is because it's central to how private equity works.


  • Training on Comps Analysis
  • Credit Suisse 45 Minute Test
    • General Terms - EBITDA, D&A, Entry/exit multiple, Margin, Management rollover, revolver, term loan, mezzanine loan, cash interest, net book value of assets, PPE, tax rate, days receivable, days payable, inventory turns
    • Calucating 5-year LBO return and money multiple
    • IRR w/ regards to debt paydown
    • Constructing a cap table with debt ratio and capitalization ratio
    • Building a working capital schedule
    • Sensitizing entry multiple vs. exit multiple
  • BYU PE/VC Club Excel Worksheets
    • Recurring revenue model
      • Take raw customer monthly revenue data and count the number of upsells, downgrades, renewals (flat), and churns

Sorenson Capital Partners Model Exercise

  • Pre/Post-Money Valuations
  • Amortization schedule
  • Earnout scenarios
  • Income statement projections
  • Balance sheet projection
  • Cash flow statement projection
  • Covenants analysis
  • CAPEX & Depreciation projection
  • Returns analysis

Getting a JobGetting a Job


Recruiting For Private Equity

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