Summary Learning: The Financial Model

Summary Learning: The Financial Model

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The Importance of Modeling


A Model is a Tool, Not THE Tool

  • In which situations do we use a financial model?
  • In these situations, what question are we trying to answer?
    • Thoughts about valuation
    • Thoughts about cost structure and sustainability
    • Thoughts about company financial health
  • In any method for measuring financial health, there are always multiple ways to evaluate this that might give you different answers
    • Using various methods can help you triangulate what feels like the right answer

Things to Understand

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Simple Forecasting ExerciseSimple Forecasting ExerciseBuilding an ARR Financial Model Building an ARR Financial Model

Examples of Models

☁️Building a "Dream the Dream" ModelForecasting a P&LReturns AnalysisUnit EconomicsLeveraged Buyout (LBO) ModelMicro LBO ModelDiscounted Cash Flows (DCF) ModelCap Table & Liquidation AnalysisReal Estate Model