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What is this?

[Explain, include history of the asset class and how it's evolved] include things like barbarians at the gate, and history of VC

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"Private Equity (PE) is a broad umbrella. Technically, the transfer of all ownership in non-public assets is 'PE.'" (Source). That includes buying big profitable companies, investing in high growth venture deals losing money, and buying small businesses.

A lot of micro private equity happens as a holding company rather than a fund. Some people make a distinction. This section is focused on investors who use capital, no matter the source, to buy a collection of small businesses.

How does the model differ from typical private equity? Expectations?

  • Same financial parameters
  • "What are they not doing that you could implement for quick wins?"
  • Small businesses don't have systems and structure to take advantage of low-hanging fruit, they're too busy.
  • "Systems thinking"

Closing a deal

  • More relationship driven
  • "Culture system" - write more about this
  • Most PE firms don't care as much about the culture, they care about the transaction. "Value Transitions is focused on the cultural transition."




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[Explain] (reference to fund structure part of wiki) Portfolio theory

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Cover specific skills to this asset class

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